Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Class of 2018

There is a new intern teacher at the deaf school. He does a great job. His name is Derek. He lost his hearing when he got sick in college. Now, he has learned sign language and is a teacher to the deaf. He has been teaching us sign language the last few weeks. For now, I am also going to the deaf school for the Sunday school hour. I have enjoyed going. Many of the kids where happy to see me, it has been over a year since I have been to the school. The Deaf School is a boarding school. Little kids 5 all the way up to Senior High board at the school. It makes me sad to see such little kids boarding at the school. They need a mom. Getting ready for our service, Mack and the boys write the Sunday school lesson on the board to be translated. While they are doing this, it gives me time to talk (sign) to some of the students. We communicate with the few signs I know and writing on the chalkboard. I have also gone to their dinning hall, where they eat breakfast before coming over to the school for Sunday service. They’ve enjoyed when I took pictures of them and seeing a little more into their life at the school. When we show up on Saturday for our sign language lessons, the kids are washing their clothes, shoes, bedding or anything that needs washing. They are also fooling around. I have missed teaching my girls Sunday school class. I talked with the girls before I made the decision to go to the deaf school. They said go, and teach us when school breaks in December. Christmas break is about a month long break, so I will get to teach them then.

Class of 2018. Matthew will graduate in May of 2018. Nehemiah turns 11 this November. Joseph will be 16 in January. Naomi is doing well. We talk to her once a week. She says she doesn’t miss us, but each time we talk that pause gets a little longer. For the last 6 months, Naomi has not been a part of anything we have done, it's a strange feeling. When you are an ocean away, it really seems a lot longer than 6 months. We are focused on getting Matthew ready to leave us too. Matthew is halfway done with his senior year. He wants to get done early. 

Saturday Sign Language classes, the deaf kids where giving Nehemiah a mohawk. They were amaszed that his hair moved...and that they could comb it like that. 

We had our Revival at CBBC the last week in October. We’ve passed out a Bible to those who came to every service of the Revival. We passed out John and Romans this Saturday in Sekondi.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving. We have invited 4 missionary families over to share Thanksgiving with us. I am looking forward to getting together. It will be fun!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

VBS 4 1/2

This summer starting in May, Mack said we were going to do 4 Vacation Bible Schools (VBS). I was not very excited to hear this news. Our 1st one was in Kojokrom where we have service on Sunday evening and Wednesday prayer meeting.

The 2nd was in Nkontompo. My first introduction to this village was a movie outreach we held there. I did not like this place. I was told the week before our movie someone was killed there in the football field. I was a little uneasy to say the least. When Mack said, we are having VBS in Nkontompo, I was dreading it. Prince and Linda have been bringing two kids from this village from our first movie outreach about a year ago. Due to having VBS we have been able to start 2 Bible studies here on Tuesdays. One with Samuel a man Mack talked with and Samuel invited Mack and the men to have a Bible study with him. The next is Emma. Emma brought her niece to VBS during the week. She began helping a little with the kids toward the end of the week. Linda and I go to her house and have a Bile study. Mack met another man named, Freedom, on the Saturday after VBS. Freedom visited our church and the 2nd week received Christ as his Savior. Freedom is now taking the baptism classes and is planning on taking the evening Bible Classes at our church. As we walk to Emma’s house, all the kids we pass quote the verses we taught them during the week. This now has been my favorite village that we held VBS.

The 3rd was in Ekuasi, this is where the church property is, that we are working on. This is a small village, but many kids. I also gave out some of the sun dresses that where donated to us last year.

Our 4th was at our church CBBC, in Sekondi. For the previous villages it was the first time we ever held VBS, it was new and exciting for them and we learned together how to have order and get our classes in. At CBBC we have been doing VBS for many years and it was nice to see the kids fall in line and know what to do. We had a great turnout for each VBS, many kids are now coming for Sunday School. This was supposed to be our final VBS...

We had some visitors from the states and we decided to hold a 3 day mini VBS in the village we missed, Essimon. This is the village Prince and Linda live. All the kids know Prince now and where he stays. This has been a great outreach and testimony for our church. We also held some Dental Hygiene outreaches during this week in the mornings. We had a Bible tent set up to witness and tell people the Gospel, then they where sent the Dental Hygiene tent. We were able to give out toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. We had a great visit with our guests.

Many of the workers that helped for all the VBS's would come quickly after their work day or even we would pick them up at school, they would get out of their last class. To show how much we love and appreciate them and their hard work we had a VBS worker’s lunch at our house. We had a fun time of fellowship and the game of “Pit”, got a little out of hand. We couldn't of done it without their faithfulness. We have had many adult visitors over this summer. It was a lot of work. I'm ready to do it again next year!!...I think.






VBS Workers Lunch

Dental Hygiene

VBS Essimon

Bible Study with Emma
Bible Study with Samuel 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Class of 2017

Naomi has graduated. She was able to walk with her graduating class of home schoolers at Abeka Academy in Florida. She has been accepted at Pensacola Christian College and began the summer work program there the Monday after graduation. I, with the boys was able to see the graduation through live streaming of the graduation, so thankful. I wish I could have been there for her and to see her graduate, besides, didn't I do as much work as her for the past 13 years. hahaha. I wanted to see her get settled into her dorm room and all that. God knows and it's not a mistake. I was asked recently who my favorite Bible character was. I said, without hesitating, Jochebed. I've always loved that story. It just amazes me. Jochebed trusted and feared her God, she gave her son to His care, and trusted Him to take care of him. God blesses her and gives her son back to her. Only God can do something like that. That is where I am at again. I have given my children to the Lord when they where newborns. I have had to do it again once we got to Africa, I am doing it again now as she is away from our home. God loves and cares for her. I have to trust Him to watch over her and take care of her. He did it when she was small, He did it while in Africa, He can do it now.

Her last Sunday in Africa

Our family gave her a graduation party, so thankful

Grandma took her shopping 



Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Divine Silence"

I can't believe my last post was in March. Wow, I need to get back to work. One follower contacted me saying she has to update her email because she hasn't received a recent post. I told her, I have not updated my blog in a couple of months.  So with that, I thought I better update it. 

My last blog post, I gave you news of Prince and Linda expecting a baby. On April 8th she lost the baby. She went in to her regular monthly appointment and they did not hear the babies heart beat. They did a scan and the results where the same. They induced her to deliver the baby on Saturday evening. It was a boy. She was home Sunday morning. Prince told my husband Friday after her appointment. My husband and I went to see them in the hospital Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning my husband went to meet them at the hospital before she was released. We as a family saw her at their home Sunday after church. The biggest thing for me was that Prince preached that Sunday morning. If anyone has a reason to sit out a Sunday it would of been him. Mack told him if you need me to preach, I can. He said, "No, I'll be there." His sermon title was "Divine Silence" 1. The Request 2. The Reply (God says wait, or I'm working. 3. The Reaction to defeat (Wisdom) 4. The Resurrection (Devotion, faith, hope) Talking about the story of Lazarus in Jn. 11:15. The main verse Jn 11:4 ".....This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the son of God might be glorified thereby." For the glory of God. God allows things in our lives we don't understand, for His glory. Thankful for Prince and Linda. 

Easter Sunday was also CBBC 10 year anniversary. 10 years. I can't believe how time is flying. Some days I feel like we just started. Thankful for our church plant, for our pastors and our faithful people. We had lunch after morning services and an early evening service. The youth presented a plaque to the church celebrating 10 years. The Jr. church kids did a skit and said some verses. 

Saturday before Easter/Ann we cleaned the church 


Friday, March 17, 2017

If Your Not Muslim You Are Christian

I talked with a Muslim young man last week, and another young man considering becoming a Muslim. In Ghana if you are not Muslim you are a Christian. If I had to base my religion on what I see as the world’s view of Christianity, I’m not sure I would be convinced either. That is what I heard loud and clear talking with this young man, Peter, of only 17 years. He has a Muslim name, but he is not very far into his Muslim religion. So I asked him his Christian name. If I saw growing up what goes on in Ghana and they claim it as Christianity. Ha! Many confused and religious people. I didn’t blame him in the fact he is sincerely seeking his way to heaven and looking into a belief of something real and serious. What he sees as Christianity is confusion and many false teachers. He has not seen true Christianity, people giving their lives to serving and living for Christ. It’s a daily walk, not just a Sunday morning warm the pew, I’m a good person I went to church Christianity, but a separated from the world not belonging in or being one of the crowd, but standing for Christ. Although it may mean you stand alone. Why would I or Peter in this case, want to become a Christian? You are no different then the next guy. You are going to the same places I do, watching the same movies, wearing the same trends, drinking, smoking, having immoral behavior. WHY? It’s sad! My heart is broken. We have done a lousy job as “Christians.” I talked with Peter and told him about Jesus Christ. I also said, I’m sorry you have not seen true Christianity, but I am a Christian/a believer and I am not like that. I invited him to church and the seed was planted. I was also was listening this week to a missionary preaching and he said what an opportunity we have in the U.S. as Muslims come into our country. To plant the seed and befriend them. If we were in their country we would not be able to give them a gospel tract or witness to them. The Lord is bringing them to us, go out and tell someone about Christ.

Girls visiting Helen
Elizabeth (in brown) inviting some girls in the market to church

 Prince and Linda are expecting the first baby in July. We have known for some time. I have been wanting to shout it to the world, but it wasn’t my news to share to the world. In Ghana they don’t announce such things. They do tell their immediate family. Others find out in time because you are growing big. Here is a interesting article on this subject. 

My kids have just 26 more days left of school. Hooray!!! 
Naomi will finish her senior year. Super excited about that. Matthew will begin his senior year this next school year. It feels like such an accomplishment. 13 years of school done. We started Naomi in Kindergarten right before leaving for Ghana. We have had 1 video teacher come to Ghana, visiting another missionary. It was her kindergarten teacher and Matthew's as well. Thankful to be able to provide Christian education for my children all the way in Africa. God has been good!


Monday, December 19, 2016

Does That Mean They Want More Cookies?

Cookie Time! The youth in our church wanted to thank the company who provided orange drinks to give out to the kids during VBS this year. So we made up a couple plates of cookies and delivered them on Monday. They in return gave us more drinks. Does that mean they want more cookies? So we are going to use the drinks for our Christmas gathering this Friday.

We watched a Christmas movie and had popcorn afterward

Isaac (in the blue) brings a smile to my face. He lost his dad not to long ago. He has showed up at church for the past 4 weeks early to help set up the Sunday school tent. Continue to pray for Isaac. 


Gideon helping dust the chairs

The Deaf School has been going well. I do not go, as I teach the teen girls Sunday school class at church. My husband says since the headmaster retired the atmosphere has changed for the better. They have not hired a new headmaster as of yet. The man in charge helps my husband interpret. My husband says he is really good. Also the man who helps, has children who go to West Ridge the school my husband, Prince, Koasi and Matthew teach at every Wednesday. 

We had some dresses donated to us and gave them out to the girls at the deaf school. This Sunday was their last Sunday before Christmas break. We asked if they could wear their dresses to get a picture. They usually wear all white for chapel services. We also passed out 240 bags of goodies to the students, and ran out. It's hard to get a count of the students because they don't all show up for chapel every week. 

Prince and Linda came over for dinner on Saturday. We played "Bible Trivia," then ate dinner. Afterward we played a fun game of "Pit" and had dessert. Those cows kept getting passed around, nobody wanted them. It was rather loud at our house. Thankful for Prince and Linda and their faithfulness, it helps to encourage one another. 

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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